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Bespoke cupboards and wardrobes. Gas and electric cupboards too doors, skirting and partitions… I can do. I have updated so many staircases over the years, even built a few. From softwood, oak too glass. It really depends on you and your imagination. I just nudge you in the right direction.


As a qualified Carpenter with over 30 years experience, building bespoke is normal and interesting to myself. Fitting kitchens is second nature, and I enjoy helping you to create your ideal room. Using only quality products. Your dream kitchen can be realised. I also will fit pre ordered kitchen from flat pack to rigid units.


From bathrooms to wet rooms. From wall to wall coverings to complete tiled rooms, you can update your bathroom and have the look you have waited for.

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Here, you can find a professional service for your simple to complex needs.

Finding the right carpenter, bathroom installer, tiler or plumber to complete your project can be a task, let alone communicating with each to achieve a professional result.

I have worked 30 years in many roles from foreman to site manager with qualifications and experience in carpentry, tiling, plumbing and bathroom installations./p>

I have worked for larger companies and small, finding lots of inconsistencies and very bad customer relations resulting in ice cold atmospheres to awkward meetings. End result being dissatisfied customers.

With DG Construction Solutions, you deal with one person, who takes upon himself the role of project manager and skilled worker to complete your project as to your expectations.

No errors or miscommunications, lack of thought or taking days off to do a little job elsewhere while leaving your job unattended or partly finished. I have witnessed this practice too often!!

This is why I started my own business. Conscientious worker who enjoys his job and enjoys making your dream a reality.

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