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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

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February 10, 2019

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Quite often in our homes, we find ourselves craving more space. Though this may not always be achievable, there are certainly things you can do to create more space and make certain rooms appear bigger. One room that we focus on here at DG Construction, is kitchens, and there are lots of ways you can make changes to have your kitchen look bigger as well as create more space and storage in there. There could be a number of reasons as to why you want a bigger kitchen, perhaps it’s purely because you think it would look better, or you want to open up the room a little, or maybe you need to make space by getting rid of unnecessary things.

We thought we’d give you some simple and easy tips on how to make your kitchen look bigger!


Change the colour scheme

Light colours, such as white, reflect light, and therefore tend to make rooms look more spacious. This is a simple change to make but one that can have a big impact. Painting the walls white, having white tiling, or white kitchen tops and cupboard doors will make the place appear bigger and more open. You don’t necessarily have to make your kitchen white, but any sort of light colour that you choose can also create the same illusion if you keep it as a consistent theme and make more or less everything that same colour. For example, your walls, units, accessories, radiator etc. If everything is kept the same colour, this also tends to make it look as though there is more space.


Have an island built in the middle

Although having an island built in your kitchen is certainly more of a drastic change to make, it could really suit you if you are looking for practical benefits as well, such as having more storage or an extra dining space, or if you are wanting a bigger transformation. Aside from their practical benefits and stunning designs, kitchen islands tend to create the illusion of a bigger room. It gives you the opportunity for a bit of a declutter, and to rearrange things and move things into additional storage, therefore creating more space around your kitchen. The extra storage and counter space allows you to spread things out, which opens up your kitchen more.


It’s all in the lighting

Following on from colour schemes, a lot can change through the amount of light your kitchen is exposed to. The more natural light, the better, and as mentioned earlier, if your kitchen is predominantly white or any particularly light colour, this will reflect and therefore make the room appear bigger. Allowing more natural light in the kitchen can be as simple as changing your blinds to something that enables more light through. Furthermore, artificial light can also have an impact. One particular type is under cabinet lighting, having this installed emphasises more parts of your kitchen which makes it apparent that there is more space than you realise.


Tidy up!

Sometimes a good tidy up and declutter makes the world of difference. We’re not just talking a little sweep and polish. Clear things out that you don’t need (I’m sure we’re all guilty of hoarding rubbish and having old tins of beans past their sell by date at the back of the cupboard!), it goes without saying that this will literally create more space in your kitchen, and more space will open the room up more. You could even do some rearranging, and find better places to store things such as utensils, pots and pans. The more you can see in and around your kitchen, the smaller it appears to be.


Try open shelving

A lot of the time, cupboard doors and cupboards themselves are quite big and bulky, and this takes up a lot of space in our kitchens. One solution to this that we would recommend, is swapping out some of your cupboards and units for open shelving. With open shelving you have to get a little bit creative and smart in the way you arrange things, otherwise it can look too busy and messy. However, when done right, it can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen and make it look and feel a whole lot bigger. Think about how much space one cupboard takes up – by removing this and swapping it for some open shelving you won’t only be making your kitchen look bigger, but you will also be creating more space.

For more information and advice, or if you would like some help in transforming your kitchen, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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