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Light Up Your Kitchen the Right Way

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Light Up Your Kitchen the Right Way


All kitchens are different, and there’s no denying that some get a lot more use than others. Perhaps you have quite a big kitchen, that contains your dining area, or maybe even a breakfast bar, or maybe you simply take pride in your kitchen and spend a lot of time in there and want it to look great not only for your guests, but yourself, too. One thing that can really change the whole look and feel of a kitchen, is lighting. With that said, you should choose your lighting very carefully, or sometimes it’s just good to change it up every once in a while!

So, here are a few different types of lighting for your kitchen that you may want to consider in a little revamp.

Recessed lighting

Firstly, let’s start with recessed lighting, or spotlights as some of you may refer to them as. With these lights, there is no excess as they’re all fitted into the ceiling. This often gives the illusion of a bigger kitchen and there being more space, so they’re ideal if your kitchen is feeling a little cramped and overcrowded. Recessed lighting is stronger when there are more individual lights, which is why they often come in groups built into the ceiling. Furthermore, you sometimes have quite a bit of control over how these are lit as the lighting is usually adjustable, so you can always ensure that it suits the mood.

Pendant lights

Now these are a real compliment to any room that they are situated in. pendant lights come in all different shapes, sizes and designs, and so are made to match your kitchen and fit in with the aesthetics. Not only that, they do provide very good practical lighting and tend to light up any large area particularly well. Pendant lights are designed to increase visibility in the areas you need it most. They can provide light to one specific focused area, but also still cater to the area around it, so really, they’re ideal! They’re especially great if you have a breakfast bar or a little island in the middle of your kitchen, as they can provide focused lighting on this, but then also work in the rest of the room. Above an island is perhaps one of the best places pendant lights can be, as they do hang quite low and so could present an issue if people were to be walking nearby or underneath them.


Not surprisingly, chandeliers do have a tendency to become quite a focal point within any room that they hang in. They are often picked more from an aesthetical point of view, rather than a practical one, which is understandable as let’s face it, they are stunning. However, despite being renowned for their magnificent appearance, chandeliers do actually provide strong general lighting too, so just this one light in the middle of your kitchen would be able to light up the whole room. Furthermore, although they’re known for being a very fancy choice of lighting, they can in fact be quite simple, too. They can be a great finishing touch to any kitchen, and tend to match very easily with any theme.

Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is extremely practical and handy. This type of lighting is exactly what it says on the tin, as it just provides lighting for the area beneath your kitchen cabinets, making your daily tasks there a whole lot easier. This is mainly what under-cabinet lighting is used for, as it eradicates any difficulties when preparing food etc. in the kitchen. Not only this, it can also add quite a unique and elegant touch to your kitchen.

Now these are only a few different types of lighting. There are so many to choose from, but it all comes down to what you want. Perhaps you want lighting that sets the mood, whether you’re stressed out and cooking a lot of food or just having a nice quiet meal with your loved ones. However, it’s not just about appearance, you need to be practical too. We hope our points throughout this blog can help you come to a practical decision as to how you’re going to light up your kitchen the right way!

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