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Picking the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

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Picking the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom


A wardrobe is quite an essential part of your room, for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Of course, you want the perfect size, so that there’s plenty of space to store your clothes and belongings, but you also want it to look good too. Think about the material, the shape, the colour, the size – it needs to look right!

What type of wardrobe will match your room?


Of course, wardrobes come built with many different materials. One of the finer and more traditional of these is solid oak. They are generally quite simple inside and old fashioned. Some even come without drawers and only have a hanging rail. If your bedroom is designed with a bold colour scheme, or modern feel, this probably wouldn’t be the wardrobe for you. Furthermore, another wardrobe material similar to this is softwood, probably more suited to chic and quirky bedrooms.

If you’re after something a bit more modern, some of the most common wardrobes these days have sliding doors, and a mirror or laminate finish on those. This tends to look very current and modernized and is quite flexible in terms of design, and so matches a lot of different styles of bedrooms.


Although wardrobes generally look quite plain and simple on the outside, some have more complex interiors than others. For example, as we mentioned above, some oak wardrobes have nothing inside but  hanging rail, whereas others can come with drawers, shelves and compartments as well as those. If having something spacious is important to you, you might want to look into the best storage facilities within different types of wardrobes.


After deciding on the kind of space and storage capability you want your wardrobe to have, you need to think about how it’s going to look in your bedroom. Two door? Sliding doors? Old fashioned? Modern? Plain? Your wardrobe has to fit in with the rest of your bedroom. Perhaps you have a colour theme going, or you need something plain to tone everything down a bit. One of the most common colours people choose nowadays is white. This goes with just about everything, and gives quite a ‘less is more’ impact.

Get something bespoke

Have you ever thought about getting your wardrobe made especially for you? Perhaps you’re a bit fussy and have something very specific in mind. Here at DG Construction, we specialise in joinery, and so we can help build and design you the perfect wardrobe. Whatever material, size, and layout this may be, we have the facilities to make it unique for you.

Save yourself the hassle of looking around trying to find the perfect wardrobe – just come to us with your ideas and specifications and we will get the ball rolling in building you your dream wardrobe. Our team can make it to your very own specific requirements and do it exactly how you want it, down to the finest details.



So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today on 07886 929497 and we can help pick the right wardrobe for you.

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