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Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Better

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Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Better


Here at DG Construction, one of the things we place a huge focus on is transforming bathrooms. Whether this is a complete renovation or just simply adding a few modern touches here and there, we aim to provide a professional result through listening to how you would like your bathroom to be.

In my 30 years of experience, I have mastered areas including tiling, plumbing and bathroom installation, so no task is too big for us. We sometimes get clients coming to us with little knowledge and direction when it comes to changing around their bathroom. So, because of this, we wanted to give you a few ways in which you can make your bathroom look better!




There are so many things you can do with tiles. They can make your bathroom look modern, classy, clean-looking, any way you want it to look! Tiles are a simple but effective solution to transforming the look of your bathroom, and they are also extremely practical. For example, they are of course completely waterproof, very durable, and super easy to clean.

Aside from practicality, tiles are a fantastic way to spruce up the whole appearance of your bathroom. Wall tiling for example, could break up what is otherwise quite a ‘boring’ and plain design, and they also give an opportunity to add new colour into the room.



Add a glass panel

Although this probably isn’t something that immediately springs to mind when you think of what you can do to enhance the design of your bathroom, replacing your bath and shower curtain with a glass panel can really make all the difference. For a start, it makes the room seem a whole lot bigger and more open and generally keeps things neater. Shower curtains can often get in the way a bit and look quite untidy, however with a glass panel, it adds a whole different dynamic to the bathroom. This acts as both a nice decorative touch, and a very practical and easy one as they are also adjustable and so can be tailored to how you would like it positioned.



Colour and lighting

Sometimes, it’s all about the aesthetics. Maybe you don’t want a bathroom redesign for the practicality, but for the appearance and feel of it. A great way to achieve a new look is through changing up the colour and lighting. Even if you keep your existing colour but just add a little bit of something brighter, perhaps on just one wall, or even through certain coloured accessories.

You could also change up the lighting, by perhaps upgrading to spotlights, or even some little cabinet lights. After all, sometimes less is more. This applies to colour too. A nice combination to go for could be white with grey or blue, as these are quite modern, chic and toned down yet make the room seem a lot bigger and more spacious.



If you’re interested in some bathroom renovation work, please get in touch with us by calling 07886 929 497 or emailing dgconstructionsolutions@gmx.co.uk.

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